Looking for interpreting or written translation of the highest quality, or interested in learning Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian?

Native in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian and near-native in English . . . Professional qualifications and extensive experience vouch for the work of highest quality . . . Cultural awareness and in-depth knowledge of both cultures provide transfer of accurate and appropriate message across cultural barriers . . . Sociolinguistic background and specialised qualifications guarantee expert translations and interpreting . . .

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Jasna Levinger-Goy

Freelance translator and interpreter, as well as trainer and examiner of interpreters and translators since 1997 onwards. University lecturer (English & Serbo-Croat) from 1973 till 1997. Translated mostly literary works, articles, dramas, legal and commercial texts. Extensive experience in public service interpreting, mainly for Police, Courts, Immigration, Social Services and NHS. DIPSI in Serbian/Croatian/English Law, but interpreting and translation experience covers other areas as well.

As a sociolinguist, published a number of articles in various linguistic journals in the UK and abroad.


1972: BA DEGREE in English Language and Literature, Faculty of Philosophy, Sarajevo University, Former Yugoslavia

1976: MSc DEGREE, Linguistics, Georgetown University, Washington D.C. USA.

1988: PhD DEGREE, Linguistics, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb University, Former Yugoslavia


June 2001 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, IoL
July 1996 The RSA/Cambridge Certificate in TEFL

Posts held:

1973 - 1997: University lecturer at the Departments of English Language at Sarajevo and Novi Sad Universities; Lector for Serbo-Croat at SSEES, London University

In the same period frequently taught both English and Serbo-Croat as foreign languages (language schools and private tuition).


Freelance translator and interpreter
IoL DPSI Examiner
ITI Translation Exams Assessor
DPSI Language Tutor

Books Translation (into English):
  1. E.D. Goy & J. Levinger: The Fortress (novel) – Meša Selimović, Northwestern University Press, Illinois, 1999, pp. 406
  2. E.D. Goy & J. Levinger-Goy: The Banquet in Blitva (novel) – Miroslav Krleža, Northwestern University Press, Illinois, 2004, pp. 346.

Books Translation (into Serbo-Croat):

  1. M. Vešović & J. Levinger: Poezija – Emily Dickinson, (poetry) 338 pp. Sarajevo, 1988.
  2. J. Levinger J. & M. Vešović: Emili Dikinson - 220 pjesama, Treći program Sarajevo, 1988, pp 94. (sample)
  3. J. Levinger: Lunasa (drama) by Brian Friel, Atelje 212, Beograd, 1995.
  4. J. Levinger & E. D. Goy: Sablja i pjesna – Njegoš, “Gorski vijenac” by E. D. Goy, (essays) 129 pp. (2000, OKTOIH, Podgorica)

Articles Translation:

  1. E.D. Goy & Levinger-Goy, J. Jewish Writers in Serbian Literature : Isak Samokovlija – P. Palavestra, in Serbian Studies, Vol. 14, No 1, Bloomington, 2000, pp. 65-69. (into English) (sample)
  2. J. Levinger, Godina kulminacije – E.D. Goy, in Zbornik: Godina 1847 u srpskoj književnosti i kulturi, -27. 1999. Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, Beograd, pp. 21. (into Serbo-Croat)
  3. J. Levinger-Goy, Model za druge oblasti – Richard Burns in Književne novine, 99,p. 12. 1999. (into Serbo-Croat)
  4. J. Levinger-Goy, A Short Essay on Murder, (essay) P. Finci, SaLon No 13, London, Spring 1999, p. 9.
  5. J. Levinger, On My Own, In Exile, (story) M. Fehimović, SaLon No 10, London, Summer 1998, p. 9.
  6. E.D. Goy & J. Levinger, Buses, (story) D. Stojnić, SaLon No 8, London, Winter 1997-98, p. 7.
  7. J. Levinger, Postcards from Spain, (story) N. Maglajlić, SaLon No 6, London, Summer 1997, p. 1.

Dramas Translation:

  1. Lunasa/ Brian Friel, Theatre “Atelje 212”, Belgrade, 1994.
  2. Izgubljena žena/ Wyat R. (radio drama ) III program Radio Sarajeva, Sarajevo 1989.
  3. Lav ljudožder/ Diwan Sh. V. (radio drama ) III program Radio Sarajeva, Sarajevo 1987.
  4. Vojnici / White R. (radio drama ) III program Radio Sarajeva, Sarajevo 1985.
  5. Pismo / Wandor M. (radio drama ) III program Radio Sarajeva, Sarajevo 1982.
  6. Ime / Biegel (radio drama ) III program Radio Sarajeva, Sarajevo 1980.
  7. Eksperiment u Ardahu / Nestor T. G. (radio drama ) III program Radio Sarajeva, Sarajevo 1979
Teaching experience:
  • University, language schools, training of interpreters, private tuition: one-to-one and small groups.


  • Extensive experience; varied client list: Police, Courts, Immigration, Social Services, Customs and Excise, NHS.
  • Consecutive/liaison, telephone, simultaneous interpreting.


  • Literary works, legal documents, media, social sciences, commercial texts.
  • Use of both Cyrillic and Latin script.


  • Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian.

Some non-literary translation jobs:

  • NHS: Glossary; Help with the cost of NHS dental charges; Help with the cost of NHS optical charges
  • Staffordshire Police: Correspondence with the Ministry of Justice of Croatia
  • Pula County Court Indictment documents
  • Iseki vacuum sewage system, Automatic Slack Adjusters etc.